Pan-Asian Student Forum 2018

11th - 14th October 2018

What gives “People” their identity?;Who defines our society’s cultural identity?; What identities do spaces take in our society?


The Pan-Asian Student Forum was first held in Beijing in 2013 and involved Peking University (Yuanpei College), Seoul National University (College of Liberal Studies) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (S. H. Ho College).

The University of Tokyo (College of Arts & Sciences) joined the second iteration of the forum held in Seoul in 2014. NUS (USP) was added to the consortium in 2015.

The forum was inaugurated to provide a platform for students from distinguished universities in Asia to meet regularly and share views on topics that impact countries in the region and around the world.


Our Identity in a Changing World

In this modern and increasingly connected world, we are exposed to and influenced by many different cultures, schools of thought and people. With the advent of technology, old boundaries are blurred. As we come to embrace the ideals, values and even people of other cultures and communities, our identity adapts to this new environment. Yet is this new identity the same as the one of yesteryear? If this continues, will the world eventually become one homogenous society?


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What gives “People” their identity?

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Who defines our society’s cultural identity?

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What identities do spaces take in our society?

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Jeremy Jee

Project Director

Ko Chang-Ming

Publicity Director

Teoh Xinyi

Programme Director

Kathy Tan Kia Sim

Operations Director

Toh Yung Siang Eric Ryan

Head Moderator